Silviu Craescu

Silviu Craescu


Despre Silviu Craescu - "Intelligence Operations"

Silviu Craescu is an expert young leader with an extensive background in protocol-diplomacy, intelligence operations and european inter-institutional affairs. Career specialized in the study of: organisation and management of national and defence intelligence institutions; role of and policy concerning intelligence institutions in government; comparative study of intelligence institutions and concepts; intelligence analytic training and methodology; intelligence agencies and cyber-security; intelligence professionalisation, standards and doctrine. Former Advisor/Administrator/Chief of Protocol / ATO - Protection Officer for last two U.S. Ambassador's at American Diplomatic Mission of Bucharest, in Romania (2006-2010 ) I was awarded the U.S. Department Defence Security Service Academy and U.S. Department Defense Cybersecurity of - USG scholarship to study for awareness training for high rank DoD personnel eligible for official travel on government orders and security awareness training for federal security personnel. OSINT Intelligence Collector/ Operator with experience across multiple disciplines. Direct experience with USSS - Advance Protective Team, RSO and NSA; Military Source Operations, Executive Protective Management, Liaison and Advanced Defense Security operations. In present Senior Advisor to the Founder and President of Greater Romania Party HE Mr. Corneliu Vadim Tudor - Member of European Parliament for Homeland Security, Intergovernmental Affairs, Political Affairs & Public Liaison. Graduate Student according to the order of the commander (rector of the military unit 02585) National University of Defense "Carol I ", No 12 of 12.12.2011. at Department of Advanced Education - Degree Advanced Graduate - Multiple Courses and Studies on NATO - Department of Advanced Education – DOISS Department of Security Operations and Strategy Studies . Executive Vice-President at International Center for Hight Security Studies , Defense and Operational Responses to Crisis from Bucharest, Romania. Special Operations Agent in the Romanian Association of Fight Anti-Drug (AMA) - R . nr 473 Representative Member at International Association for Legal Research and Investigators (IALRI) Trainer specializes in training design, run, evaluate and review activities theoretical / practical and / or training and professional skills development, carried out in institutions or at work. Being competent professional evaluator. The assessor advises candidates professional skills in appraising professional skills compared with the occupational standard. Mentor specializes in the fields of education, education, culture, mass media, which has responsibility to monitor students' teaching practice. A mentor is organizing demonstration lessons and teaching hours for students practicing, practicing techniques, methods, teaching tools as varied objectively analyzing teaching and all the students he teaches practitioners, leading to improved quality of the educational process . Responsibility of the mentor involves the schedule for proper evaluation and award marks to students practiced teaching activity.
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