Intelligence Service Activities in Romania

„School from Păltiniş” no we can send by singled out stoning. Ultimately, Noica, as an „agent supervisor ideologically” or „political” war of the Intelligence Service, has taken on the mission to form a number of 10 propagandişti of the system of Western values (in the case of the UK, we cannot speak of one Catholic even!). Each of the ten in turn … and so forth, until the coagulation of a conductive elite.

Now, don’t think Noica i gathered on the ten and he has held lectures …

Devout follower of the theory of elites, philosopher was easy to sugestionat to create a school in which to form disciples. Noica said: „I dream of a school in which do not surrender, as speaking, nothing. To live quiet and cuviincios, in a fortress, and young people, few young people of the world, to come there to escape the tyranny of profesoratului. For everything and everyone I give lessons. Everything must be learned on the outside and on the outside, and the only thing that’s allowed once in a while is to ask questions. But you don’t see that they have and they said something, confessed to anything? And you don’t see that we don’t have always have what to say? We are only mijlocitori between them and themselves … A State of mind, it must be given to others; no content, no advice, no doctrines. ”

It was supposed to become Noica, a creator of a State of mind …

Be reached on a pilgrimage, a few dozens of followers. A list of approximate would comprise between 30 and 50 names.

Steady, sharp and, most often without witnesses, was his presence in the vicinity of two of these Noica: Gabriel Liiceanu and Andrei Pleşu.

At Păltiniş is also arranged periodically and seminars. They were frequented, more or less constantly by [order is alphabetic]: Paul Anghel, Constantin Barbu, Francisca Băltăceanu, Aurel Brumaru, Andrei Cornea, Alexandru Dragomir, Marta Gutu, Andrew Justin Hossu, Dan Jacob, Thomas Kleininger, Şerban Nicolau, Octavian Nistor, Ion Pillat Slipper, Monica, George Purdea, Victor Stoichiţă Surdu, Mihai Alexandru Şora, Marin Tarangul, Sorin Vieru, Vasile Dem. Zamfirescu.

Noica sincerely believed that if he manages to create an elite, it will be necessary in the management structure of the society and will „change vs. Romania”. His idealism Noica was astute speculated. In his case i have had in mind the profile of moral and philosophical beliefs, the direct effects of its intrinsic value in the formation of pesonalităţi, which lead to social-political developments with the sense and historical meanings. Cam so politically strategic intelligence work in the era of the cold war.

It’s good to know that both Noica and other great personalities haven’t rejected anything of what they circles perceived as being constructive, beneficial and necessary, according to their beliefs.

Gabriel Liiceanu and Andrei Pleşu-featuring me contraspionajului British master of that time-and-increased frequency of visits to the „Villa 23” (photo) when they unearthed Noica possibilities of his assist to obtain scholarships in the West. Monthly, on weekends, she used to go food, press releases and news. In the attic for filosofului or tours by listening to his surroundings, Noica, expozeele on subjects apparently random and related dialogs. Noica philosophical issues them and evaluate opinions. Andrei Pleşu was the disciple listener and painstaking. Gabriel Liiceanu was more audacious, sometimes even slightly cocky, what who revile against contradictions.

Gabriel Liiceanu

Of course, it raises the question: „by who and how he perfected Noica getting scholarships and nomination of the two disciples?”. Very cleverly, with no official involvement, Noica gave a signal of German foundations of British occupation zone of Germany R.F.. However, in the name of the mutual interest of the development of good relations, Roman-German, they did all the work. The Department did not knew it nor the recipients of the scholarships.

Now, naturally, is to be requested in connection with the manner in which Noica, isolated from Păltiniş, able to communicate outdoors? His relationship with people special services Noica of Its Majestatii Queen Elizabeth II was finding blatant and object. Attached aero of Great Britain to Bucharest used, also other members of the Military or Embassy Ataşaturii, to move into the area of Sibiu. In these journeys, either that they have the „discreet surveillance of protection ‘ were filaţi, or ostenativ, as was the case, or” on the basis of recprocitate „relative to the treatment given to Romanian diplomats in the United Kingdom. In this way was identified interest ataşatului aero reaching Păltiniş, lonely, as Explorer map and compass, on the opposite slope on the access road. Intuindu-i-se direction, was established a „post by shadowing mountain” which documented the British military meeting ataşatului at a stână with Noica. A meeting, for neavizaţi, condiţiuni absolutely beyond any suspicion. Baciul stânei i received and omenit, they sang the whistle and famed with tulnicul, you have to leave that to know aid on coclauri to protect dogs and wolves …

His relationship with the British special services Noica was before the second world war. His first wife, Wendy Mouston (former miss Sinaia), was the post in Romania, as sent to Intelligence Service. Together with parents [Walter and Carola, née Ungarth, daughter of a hotelier sinaian] he lived in Sinaia, these being among the founders of the Alpine Bucegilor, which has important characters in the elite co-production involving policy and military of Romania. The Division was a continuatoare Carpatina society, Sinaia, founded in 1893 by the former Monastery of staret Sinaia, arhimandritul Cash, Take Ionescu and his first wife, cetăţeana British Bessie Richards. The foundation of such companies, tourist, sporting, cultural-scientific formed part of the good and generous tradition of British espionage.

Noica was included in a famous ‘ lot of British spies in Romania „, known as” Tomaziu „as the network name of the Chief of them, the agent of espionage English in Romania, which has received the rank of colonel and a seeming lifelong rent, as recognition of services to the Crown of the British Empire. Tomaziu was extracted from Romania, intervenindu on official channels [Julien Amery – Emil Bodnaras] in order to be approved, leaving the country.

Dealings with the authorities, Noica was, at least apparently, a conformism copy, always responsive and leaping, if able to contribute to progress and improve the perception of the West on his country.

You visit frequently on Aurel Cioran to Sibiu, which invite to church on Sunday, and then it was withheld from him at the table. „Relu” Cioran holding the links from the very beginning with his brother, located in Paris, who shared about friendship linked with Noica. Emil Cioran, in turn, with Mircea Eliade, George Palade and with other major Romanian over the ocean. So appeared the context favourable to a „recovery operations” filosofului Emil Cioran and the largest historical religions, Professor Mircea Eliade. The latter wished to return to the country, where he lived his mother, înaintata respectable aged and seeking sustenance of the teacher. And Jack Kerouac and Eliade knew of retaining and fears. Noica, with the example of the school from Păltiniş and with its „expansion” contacts in the Western world has given impetus to give effect to such requests to the system on their return in the country. There are precedents existential philosophy Henri Coandă.

Only political tampering with the factor and shortsightedness of Elena Ceauşescu, in front of which the Secretary of the CC of PCR with propaganda kept to autoevidenţieze with „recovery” have done this to fail. Mircea Eliade put a condition of good sense: „Romanian Academy General my library, which is located in the” Aula Mircea Eliade „. Elena Ceauşescu was not agreed. Then did detour knowledge of lack of fair play, of the same Elena Ceauşescu, in case the Foundation Henri Coandă, which was to be formed after the death of existential philosophy, located in the Palace Coandă. Moreover, it was disbanded and the National Institute of scientific and technical Creation, whose Chairman was the great scholar.

Andrei Pleșu

Some of his „disciples” have been bother Noica what the master has left written posterităii about them. So is it that when they put his hand on „notebooks” they have published censored. Then, in the later stage, were concerned about toaletarea same of many volumes of the dossier Noica formed CNSAS (only those that do not prejudice the interests defended by British Intelligence Service).

Noica was not a durable! He was autodenunţat as a Squire, was that escapes the care administered to wealth. He was autoizolat, being disappointed that there were between intellectuals and many conflicts of interest, most often personal, selfish, ariviste that favorizau delaţiuni political purposes miserable: blocking external delegările, employment target, but the functions occupied by others, getting awards and tributes, decide to pârghiilor censorship to prevent the publication of the once powerful counterparts opponents of ideas, even helping to better decipher the censors „hidden” subversive messages. All they were part of a sociological reality pervertită ideological.

Noica was neither an anticommunist. Tolerance of ideological was as deep as his philosophical beliefs and idealism. I could not decela, in his case, at least in the last part of life, no Division of the loalităţii between Romania and England. On his show promoter ideals pure neutrality. Some ideals on which you could attach to the political objectives of alternative … But who could exploit the Noica for such purposes, with the greatest opportunities? The political regime in Romania 1980s doesn’t need „creators stari mood”, other than those of unanimităţii, as an expression of „unity of the nation, monolithic party, State, society and the driver (…)”.

There’s a temptation to be considered as Noica port-flag of „resistance”. Nothing fake! Romania 1980s era arhiplină „clubs of reflection”. Many oficializate in addition to the unions, associations, institutes or centres of research, including in addition to the privileged redacţii who had permission to place emphasis on cultural and artistic literary supplements, with serious rebates from the official dogma. Proliferaseră simbolistică modalities of artistic expression, which is reserved for iniţiaţilor. Jebeleanu in poetry, others in plastic and tapestry …

Rather, Noica was an illustrious example for export, in terms of ideological tolerance and freedom of opinion, that the arrangements ensure, in particular in the case of former sentenced for political crimes. His first wife, Wendy Mouston was active at the Department of the BBC Romanian. His son, Rafael Noica-Mouston, has chosen the path of Orthodox Christianity, as if it had known that over the years will return to the Abbot of a monastery in Transylvania. Family Mouston was closely linked to Romania at the beginning of last century.

Many other Brits have like nature, language, traditions and the souls of the inhabitants of Romania, condition, without which they cannot promote political interests here and the economic implications of the British Empire. If i call on some, i’ve wrongs on others. To riscam, however …

Archibald Gibson and T.w. Hatley led Department Intelligence Service in Romania, under cover of correspondents of the newspaper „Times”;

Desmond Dorand and Gertie Gellender, under cover Of Consular i have succeeded torque informative Gibson-Hatley;

CRS Reginal Hoare, Minister of the sea. Britain to Bucharest, ensured the connection with the large scale of agencies Bibescu;

A.C. Gardine de Castelain has been resident of the Intelligence Service, then the Service Executive Operations under cover of commercial director of the Petroleum Company „Unirea” [1927-1940]. Between 1940 and 1943 he served at the Division III SOE for Romania –, Istanbul. In 1943 he was parasştat in Romania, in a group of illegal action (with Metianu and Ivor Porter). Until 23 august 1944 were „the prisoners of the fancy” of Eugen Cristescu, which concealed German services;

Mac Larren acted under cover of Agency press Reuter;

Col. E.C. Tom Masterson was „general director at the company” Unirea „oil;

Colonel Ted Masterson ensure, from Cairo, touch radio with cladestina network of National Taranesc Party, headed by Iuliu Maniu;

Alexander Miller and Mary Vischer from „Astra Romana” acrimonious sabotage operations;

Maiorul Ivor Porter act under cover „Britih Council ‘ as a lecturer in English at the University of Bucharest;

Professor Hugh Seaton-Watson, submitted by the „British Council”, itinerant informative mission was filling. The sondat possibilities of remedy to the power of King Carol II;

Denis Wrigt, viceconsul at Constant logistical operations, claims of sabotage and facilitate the early entry clandestina in Romania agents S.O.E.;

Maiorul genius Davidson Houston, Deputy atasatului military has occupied the oil sabotage by path;

Colonel Bill Bailey, Chief of Station S.O.E. Istanbul, make forays on the territory of Romania for various clandestine operatiujni;

Julien Amery, Lieutenant in the ‘ 40s when, under filajul S.S.I, accomplish missions out of touch with agencies in Romania – and the Balkans at the Hotel Athene Palace from Bucharest and. .. CRS Julien Amery in the 1960s-70s, when il frequency on Emil Bodnaras, looking for a gates open Uk relations with China, and after 1990 on Ion Iliescu, Adrian Nastase, Ovidiu Musetescu … in with all other purposes.

CRS Julien Amery was received and by Nicolae Ceausescu, along with a delegation of Lords, which he led it. During the meeting with Ceausescu, Amery was supposed to raise the roman leader a list of 12 issues. After the Exchange amabilitatilor protocolare and the withdrawal of the press, after the expozeul’s Ceuasescu, Amery started to raise the issues you have ready „at home”.

As Nicolae Ceausescu was delegation Lords became increasingly surprinsa, uimita and admirativa, at the same time, the speed and depth of the roman leader reactiilor, Have answers to all probeme raised unbeatable prices.

After the question the eleventh Lord Amery has not continued.

Ceausescu, after a break of tunes, is: „I guess you would most interest you and the next appearance …”

And Ceausescu continue with the answer to the problem of twelfth grade student, that no one may raise Amery.

List of the issues of the British delegation found itself in permanent neutrality in a Briefcase, connected with an elegant lantisor of mana Lord Amery, by it could not be separated a minute …

Reliable agents had the British services and in the world of theatre and cinematography, among ideologilor party, which in December 1989 i distributed in key roles, then it has insured over governmental, parliamentary political times in the business world, in the management of banks, in staful international bodies. How can this be except the onoranta, if they have done nothing to stop the depravity of generalized condition of the people and of their motherland? Not somehow, on the contrary …?

Do not list too close to our days, but should not, however, i omitem on Denis Deletant and Jonathan Eyal … specializing in Romanian intelligentsia and whose manner brave to act, starting in 1990, i have the required attention to those avizati and not only …

Going back to School mentor from Paltinis, high in the hierarchy of the Romanian Communist Party there were people of a proper invoice intellectual, which could have dialog with Noica. Philosopher was noticeably toward them. As appreciated and ‘ qualitative ‘ revolution that led to the „denial” security negatiei. After release from prison have to check that investigators from security have been replace with „citizens whose apparent of worthiness should not be suspected, if not declared ideals are denied by the materiality of things savarsite (…)”

In the last years of his life, was to disciples to Noica „Villa 23” became somewhat disturbing and wanted a limitation of visits and the frequency thereof, but not taking effective measures to prohibit. Neither the State of health is not more ingaduia sa gazduiasca times to attend seminars.

If I had to get it at incadram on Noica from 1970s-1980s, in a series of secret service agents, could be classified as involuntary operator into a double game, with increased chances for service with more intelligence in the maintenance of investment initiative and control agent. It has belonged to the initiative from the very beginning, but the control we’ve reserved.

If Noica would still living and would learn what he wanted to be a disciple of the master file volumes, those remaining classified, and would revise the approach initially, and the Foundation „Nova”, through which Europe continues to be subventionat, could be excluded external funding.

Another disciple ii owes his Political legacy Noica, because the Publisher this gift did not come from the National Salvation Front, but following a request by a foreign leader outspoken front, from the Organization’s secret „Pinay Circle” [also known as „better” the circle „], founded in the 1950s by Antoine Pinay [former Prime Minister of France], along with former german Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and headed, at first, by Jean Violet [a famous figure of S.D.E.C.E., ehivalentul French C.I.A.]

„The circle” has had among the members of the basics: Julien Amery [responsible for the operations Inteligence Service in Romania and the Balkans], Brian Crozier, Nicholas Elliot [M.I. 6], William Colby [C.I.A.], General d. Stilwell [U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency], Edwin Feulner [The Heritage Foundation]

Pintre guests this secret club are listed: Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, the Sultan of Oman, Ion Iliescu and King Hussein of Jordan.

[More recently, at the head of „the circle” was Lord Lamonte, Coordinator of the group, which acquired Bali wineries of aluminium in Oradea and Tulcea. Lamonte came in Romania accompanied by Julien Amery, the guarantor’s Ion Iliescu to „Circle”]

Structures of security in the 1980s

There were special units for operations aimed at the „intellectuals”. Under the direction of internal information (the constitutional order, political) collection of information for knowing the intention, plans and actions to extremist, revisionist and other subversive actions potrivinice political regime, in order to prevent them, was organized on the criterion of social activity areas and areas with a common denominator generau structure specialized collective (1-3 officers) Office (4-5 officers) service (minimum two offices). A service of the Department that have responsibility for academic institutions in direct and other cultural bodies, as well as the coordination of national activity at the level of entire countries, and RIM’s network or territorial offices, as the case may/colectivele, the desfasurau activity of information at the level of administrative-territorial units (territorial structure at the level of service „art-culture” exists only for the city of Bucharest)

Within the structures of the external activity was organiztă on the criterion of geographic areas (with the objective of spying and promotion/defense of Romanian State’s external intereslor) and a direction of activity of the emigration of all spaces (mostly political organizations, cultural, religious, former dignitaries from the interwar period), the main objective is getting chased by their emigration of Romanian foreign policy.

But to be fair and to point out, „for the correct and full information as to public opinion” as all the special services, and most generous tradition is that the British have their organizations activity targets of political, cultural, youth movements and intelligentsia, being created true pleiade of elites who boast of their privileged relations in the world of espionage and contra-espionaj.

GL. brg. (r), Aurel Rogojan


Despre Silviu Craescu - "Intelligence Operations"

Silviu Craescu is an expert young leader with an extensive background in protocol-diplomacy, intelligence operations and european inter-institutional affairs. Career specialized in the study of: organisation and management of national and defence intelligence institutions; role of and policy concerning intelligence institutions in government; comparative study of intelligence institutions and concepts; intelligence analytic training and methodology; intelligence agencies and cyber-security; intelligence professionalisation, standards and doctrine. Former Advisor/Administrator/Chief of Protocol / ATO - Protection Officer for last two U.S. Ambassador's at American Diplomatic Mission of Bucharest, in Romania (2006-2010 ) I was awarded the U.S. Department Defence Security Service Academy and U.S. Department Defense Cybersecurity of - USG scholarship to study for awareness training for high rank DoD personnel eligible for official travel on government orders and security awareness training for federal security personnel. OSINT Intelligence Collector/ Operator with experience across multiple disciplines. Direct experience with USSS - Advance Protective Team, RSO and NSA; Military Source Operations, Executive Protective Management, Liaison and Advanced Defense Security operations. In present Senior Advisor to the Founder and President of Greater Romania Party HE Mr. Corneliu Vadim Tudor - Member of European Parliament for Homeland Security, Intergovernmental Affairs, Political Affairs & Public Liaison. Graduate Student according to the order of the commander (rector of the military unit 02585) National University of Defense "Carol I ", No 12 of 12.12.2011. at Department of Advanced Education - Degree Advanced Graduate - Multiple Courses and Studies on NATO - Department of Advanced Education – DOISS Department of Security Operations and Strategy Studies . Executive Vice-President at International Center for Hight Security Studies , Defense and Operational Responses to Crisis from Bucharest, Romania. Special Operations Agent in the Romanian Association of Fight Anti-Drug (AMA) - R . nr 473 Representative Member at International Association for Legal Research and Investigators (IALRI) Trainer specializes in training design, run, evaluate and review activities theoretical / practical and / or training and professional skills development, carried out in institutions or at work. Being competent professional evaluator. The assessor advises candidates professional skills in appraising professional skills compared with the occupational standard. Mentor specializes in the fields of education, education, culture, mass media, which has responsibility to monitor students' teaching practice. A mentor is organizing demonstration lessons and teaching hours for students practicing, practicing techniques, methods, teaching tools as varied objectively analyzing teaching and all the students he teaches practitioners, leading to improved quality of the educational process . Responsibility of the mentor involves the schedule for proper evaluation and award marks to students practiced teaching activity.
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